Monday, December 29, 2014

FBLA Field Trip (Submitted 12-8 by Claire Butters)

Recently Belleville's FBLA Chapter took a trip to Chicago.  On our expedition, we learned a lot about entrepreneurship and how the business owners changed their approach during the holidays.

While exploring the Magnificent Mile, we took note of how the prices tend to be higher in larger cities than in smaller cities.  It was explained to us that it is a chain:
  • A larger city means a larger population.
  • With a larger population, you will have more people shopping.
  • With higher rates of business, there will be more competition to have stores established.
The stores that are on Michigan Avenue have to pay high rent to keep their spot.  This is why many stores have such high prices; they are the ones who can afford to be on Michigan Avenue.  

The students were able to complete their holiday shopping and enjoy a slice of deep dish Chicago-style pizza.