Tuesday, January 27, 2015

AB Block Schedule Proposal

After last night's school board meeting, we have been given the go-ahead to present the proposed AB Block Schedule for the high school to parents. Two meetings are now scheduled, one on Tuesday, February 3rd from 4-5pm in the high school library and another on Thursday, February 5th from 5-6pm in the high school library. The two meetings will be the same, providing an overview of the proposed schedule and an opportunity to ask any questions. We will be making the rounds through the RtI groups to give more information to students in the meantime. Your students are welcome to attend these after-school meetings with you. Our scheduling procedures are designed to fit both the current or AB schedule for next year. If you are unable to make one of these meetings, please feel free to call (424-1902 Ext. 440) or e-mail me (perryn@belleville.k12.wi.us). We hope to see you there!