Friday, February 27, 2015

LifeSmarts Competition (Submitted by Mr. Farrar)

On Friday, February 27th, four students (Elizabeth Erb, Jacob Hackman, Claire Johnsrud, and Alex O'Connor) from Belleville High School attended the LifeSmarts competition held at Edgewood College. LifeSmarts is a program of the National Consumers League that promotes knowledge in the areas of Personal Finance, Consumer Rights & Responsibilities, Health & Safety, Technology, and the Environment. This team of students had to qualify for this competition by taking a series of online tests. Only the top six schools in Wisconsin, based on the online tests, were invited to Edgewood College for the live competition. The live competition was completed after 8 hours, and Belleville prevailed as the runner-up (2nd place). This outcome rewarded each student in attendance from Belleville a $500 scholarship to a school of their choice.  I am extremely proud of their hard work and dedication. They proved that anything can happen if you believe in yourself and put your mind to it. Please help me congratulate Elizabeth Erb, Jacob Hackman, Claire Johnsrud, and Alex O'Connor on their recent success!