Monday, March 16, 2015

Yahara River Writers' Contest Winners

Six Belleville Middle School students will have their work published in an upcoming edition for the Yahara River Writers' Contest. Jenna Shrader (7th Grade) and Dakota Benton (8th Grade) will have their short stories published. Jenna's is entitled "A Home for Christmas," while Dakota's is entitled "Shifting Trails." Emma Veeneman (7th Grade), Michelle Ayala (8th Grade), and) Abby Winterburn (8th Grade) will have their cartoons published. In addition, Hansi Bartle (7th Grade) will have her "Global Warming" editorial published as well. Congratulations to our talented Middle School writers!
From left to right: Michelle Ayala, Jenna Shrader, Dakota Benton, Hansi Bartle, Abby Winterburn, and Emma Veeneman