Monday, April 13, 2015

Spanish Students Reading to 4K classes (Submitted by Mrs. Vesperman)

As part of the Spanish 3 curriculum, students choose a children’s book in Spanish to study and present to the Spanish 3 class. Students learn new vocabulary and grammatical phrases through the books, and they are able to share this knowledge with their classmates.

This year, as a part of the children’s book unit, Spanish 3 students (most students are in 11th grade) have gone to the elementary building to share their stories with the afternoon 4k students.

Four-year-old kindergarten students have enjoyed hearing familiar stories in Spanish! They have been able to pick up some of the basic vocabulary to understand the stories. Spanish 3 students have enjoyed working with the younger children. They have gained insight into how to explain their stories so that the students understand.

Spanish 3 students hope that they can continue this exchange in the future!
Lauren Severson reads a book in Spanish to a 4K class.