Saturday, January 7, 2017

DECA District Competition

On Saturday, January 7, a group of 13 students from Belleville High School traveled to Sun Prairie High School to compete at the 2017 DECA District Competition.  Seniors Treise Langhammer and McKenzie O'Connor won two medals apiece, as they worked as a team to tackle tough business issues in their role plays.  Freshman Jasmyne Roberts also won two medals for her role plays as well as a third medal recognizing her as a finalist in her event. Honorable mentions were given to Alex Grignano and Ella Campbell for recording solid performances in their events. Special thanks to Drew Shrader, Ogden York, Ryan Posthuma, Michael Viney, Isaac Brummel, Noah Morrick, Nick Pauli, and Cole Kleiboer for their strong performances. [Submitted by Mr. Farrar]