Monday, February 12, 2018

Winter Week

To break the doldrums of winter, we are celebrating Winter Week! Both the Middle and High Schools have dress-up days and special activities planned throughout the next six days.

Day           Dress Theme                 
Feb. 12      PJs
Feb. 13      Twin Day
Feb. 14      Red/White/Pink/Hearts
Feb. 15      "Throwback" Thursday
Feb. 16      "Flannel" Friday   

Mr. Swenson will show a movie in the auditorium during lunch all week. Students who meet behavior requirements will take a trip to Sky Zone on Friday afternoon. There will also be a dance from 5-7pm on Friday, February 16, with students encouraged to attend the home boys' basketball game against New Glarus afterward.

Day           Dress Theme                         Lunch Game
Feb. 12      PJs and Sweats                      Co-ed Tug-of-War
Feb. 13      "Formal" Tuesday                 Co-ed Dodgeball
Feb. 14      Dress for Valentine's Day     Co-ed Steal-the-Sticks
Feb. 15      "Throwback" Thursday         Co-ed No-peek Volleyball
Feb. 16      "Flannel" Friday                    WILDCAT PRIDE DAY

Saturday, February 17, will be Game Night for high school students in the gym from 8pm until midnight.

It's the great time to show your school spirit and Wildcat pride!