Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Belleville Students Win Writing Awards

Ten Belleville students were Top Ten winners in this year’s Yahara River Writers Contest. Sponsored by the Greater Dane County Advanced Learner Network, the annual Yahara River Writers Contest encourages Dane County students in grades 5-8 to create poems, editorials, short stories, and cartoons. Top Ten winners were invited to the Yahara Writers Workshop and Awards Ceremony at the UW-Madison Union South on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018. At the ceremony, each student received an award and a copy of the 2017 Yahara River Writers Anthology, which includes all the Top Ten winning entries.

Middle School winners include Josh Kean (poem titled “The Sounds of the Game”), Catherine Booth (cartoon title “The “United” States of America”), Alyssa Caskey (cartoon titled “America”), Matthew Loshaw (editorial titled Web Filters in Schools), and Gavin Boyum (editorial titled Protesting During the National Anthem). Catherine  Booth’s cartoon placed 1st in the 8th-grade cartoon category.  

Intermediate School winners include Lillian Hanna (cartoon titled “An Animal’s Death is Up to You!”), Aidan Cook (cartoon titled “Roasted”), Alora Spiegel (poem titled “The Season of Snow”), Lexy Cardoso Reyes (poem in Spanish titled “Por favor amigo”), and Ariana Morales (poem in Spanish titled “Naturaleza”). [Submitted by Krissy Killerlain]