Monday, November 12, 2018

Home Science Olympiad Meet

Mrs. Smith and the Belleville Science Olympiad Teams hosted a home meet on Saturday, November, 10. Thirty-five high school and eleven middle school teams participated in the event. BHS's "Platinum" team took 7th overall and 3rd in Division 2, behind perennial powers Boyceville and Prairie School. This was highlighted by two 3rd places finishes in Codebuster and Herpetology. BMS's team took 5th place overall and 3rd in Division 2, including 2nd place finishes in Geocaching and Amazing Mechatronic.

Medal Winners
Division C:
1st Place Codebusters: Gianna, Jacob, and Jack 
1st Place Geologic Mapping: Gary and Zach
1st Place Herpetology: Katie and Gianna
1st Place Amazing Mechatronics: James and Matthew

2nd Place Thermodynamics: Jack and Gary

3rd Place Astronomy: Tyler B. and Mason
3rd Place Circuit Lab: Josh and Gary
3rd Place Disease Detectives: Emma A. and Emma V.
3rd Place Experimental Design: Emma A., Hansi, and Elise
3rd Place Mission Possible: Carson and Dray
3rd Place Mousetrap Vehicle: Logan
3rd Place Protein Modeling: Roxana and Gary
3rd Place Sounds of Music: Gianna and Jacob
3rd Place Code Analysis: Jack and Zach

Division B:
1st Place Heredity: Isaac E and Annika
1st Place Geocaching: Holly and Ali
1st Place Amazing Mechatronics: Carson and Brady

2nd Place Crime Busters: Brady and Ali
2nd Place Dynamic Planet: Holly and Reid
2nd Place Picture This: Josh, Carson and Alexis
2nd Place Codebusters: Holly, Elizabeth, and Isaac R.