Saturday, March 23, 2019

Leather crafting

With 130 of the 280 high school students on the Boston/New York Band/Choir/APUSH trip for the two days preceding Spring Break, Mrs. Spellman took the time to teach her students a new skill in their Math classes late last week- leather crafting! Check out the students personalized work:

Friday, March 22, 2019

BMS Math 24 Results

A Belleville team from the elementary and middle schools attended Math 24 at UW Madison's Union South on Tuesday, March 19th. A total of 30 students attended. Six students each from grades 4-8 teamed up to compete against other area districts. Belleville had two winners from the 8th grade competition: Ali Zimmerman took 3rd place, and Everett Clark took 5th. Our students did a great job and had a blast! [Submitted by Mrs. Otteson]

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parade of Chairs

Thank you to the all of the parents who attended Parent-Teacher Conferences on March 13. It was the last round of conferences for the year, but we hosted 202 parents that night. Our staff appreciates your support of the schools and the initiatives that we have implemented in Belleville.

As we arrive at Spring Break, it is time to have a little fun! Our staff, and Theresa Schultz in particular, wanted to document the "Parade of Chairs" into and out of Parent-Teacher Conferences. Almost all teachers wheel their more comfortable classroom chairs down and back from conferences to use them over the 3.5 hour timeframe. This is a glimpse of them wheeling them back to their classrooms at the end of the night.

I think you will get a chuckle out of this:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Pastries with Parents

On Wednesday morning, March 20, Belleville Middle School staff invited parents and students in for "Pastries with Parents." Parents and students joined their teachers in the Middle School Commons from 7:15-8:00am for informal conversations, coffee, and doughnuts. Our staff believes in creating strong connections between home and school in order for students to reach their full potential. Thank you to those parents for coming in so early for breakfast!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Science Olympiad Improves State Placement!

The Belleville High School Science Olympiad team had their best showing ever at the state tournament on Friday and Saturday on the UW-Stout campus. The team captured 7th place, once again showing well against larger schools and more experienced teams. BHS students medaled in seven events in Division C. Congratulations to Coach Smith and her team! It is amazing what they have accomplished in four short years!
Matt Loshaw and Cole Monroe also placed first in Amazing Mechatronics in Division B.

Friday, March 15, 2019

VEX Robotics in 8th Grade Project Lead the Way

Having built their robots from VEX kits, Mr. Neumann's 8th grade Project Lead the Way students are now preparing for a class competition. Students receive points (based on difficulty) for picking up cones from the base and stacking them in certain arrangements. Parents - those video-gaming skills are actually coming into good use!

Friday, March 8, 2019

High School Students-of-the-Month for February

On Friday, March 8, Belleville High School staff recognized Students-of-the-Month for February. Each department nominated a student, with the teachers preparing a personalized certificate for the students on why they stood out among their peers in the last month. Teachers noted that students this month had improved grades, showed leadership, or consistently demonstrated the "Wildcat Way." Students were treated to a Tano's pizza lunch and received movie passes courtesy of Marcus Theaters. Congratulations on this recognition!
 (L-R) Natasha Derke-Seals, Ayisa Ceesay, Jeffry Wenger, Isaac Morrick, Jenna Shrader, Jaydon Winkers, Elise Mousseau, and Colin Derke 
Not Pictured: Cassidy Evans

The Musical "Annie"

On Thursday afternoon, the cast of the spring musical "Annie" put on a dress rehearsal of Act I for middle school students. This was the first chance that our student actors had to perform in costume in front of a live audience. The response was terrific! We hope that you can join us for one of the three shows on Friday and Saturday nights at 7pm and Sunday afternoon at 2pm. Tickets are still available in the main office or at the door. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Forensics State Qualifiers!

The entire Belleville High School Forensics team is advancing to State! The district meet was held at McFarland High School on Tuesday, March 5th. All 25 students scored 20 points or higher in two rounds, qualifying them for the state competition.

Wildcats with perfect (25 out of 25 points) scores included:
  1. Mya Enerson
  2. Miles Fahey
  3. Emily Flick
  4. Grace Hoffman
  5. Rylee Hubbard
  6. Jacob Kean
  7. Mitchell Mussehl
  8. Anna Nolden
  9. Claire Patrow
  10. Mason Schwoegler
  11. Mikaela Steckelis
  12. Abby Winterburn
The Forensics State Meet is scheduled for April 12th at 7pm on the UW-Madison campus.

State DECA Competition

On March 4-6, four Belleville High School students competed at the DECA State Career Development Conference in Lake Geneva. Ella Campbell and Jenna Banfield teamed up to compete in the Marketing Management Team Decision-making event. Ogden York and Caden O’Rourke teamed up to compete in the Sports Marketing Team Decision event. When all the events were complete, Ogden and Caden were recognized with a medal for placing in the Top Ten for their event in the state of Wisconsin. Both teams of students performed extremely well which shows just how strong the Belleville DECA is. [Submitted by Erik Farrar]

Boys Basketball All-conference Selections

On Tuesday, March 5, the Capitol Conference released its boys basketball all-conference teams. Senior Austin Fahey was named to the 2nd Team in the South Division. Sophomore Sawyer Fahey was an Honorable Mention selection. Congratulations to these Wildcats, as the prepare for their sectional semifinal game tomorrow night against Orfordville-Parkview at Evansville High School!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Capitol Conference Spring Math Meet

On Monday, March 4, sophomore Jack Nolden placed 2nd in the varsity competition at the Capitol Conference's Spring Math Meet at Lodi High School. Jack scored 25 on his test, five points behind the winner. Sophomore Katie Bowers had a perfect score in the junior varsity competition, and freshman Matthew Loshaw tied for third in the JV competition, aiding to a JV team victory in the South Division. Congratulations to these Wildcat Mathletes!

Monday, March 4, 2019

2nd Place for Science Olympiad

The Belleville High School Science Olympiad team placed 2nd (out of 23 teams) at the Marquette University High School Invitational on Saturday, March 2nd. They once again defeated rivals Medford and Prairie School, as they ramp up for the state meet. For this competition, teams were divided into those in the Top 10 in the state last year (Division A) and then a Division B for the remaining teams. Medals were awarded for 1st-6th place with no school divisions. Way to go Wildcats!

1st Place
Herpetology - Cody Koeppel and William Meyers
Mission Possible - Carson Heller and Logan Niesen
Thermodynamics - Jack Nolden and Gary Salmela
Wright Stuff - Hansi Bartle and Logan Niesen
Write It Do It - Roxana Grunenwald and Elise Medenwald

2nd Place
Aerial Scramble - Hansi Bartle and Logan Niesen
Boomilever - Hansi Bartle and Logan Niesen
Code Busters - Gianna Diaz, Jacob Kean, and Jack Nolden
Mousetrap Vehicle - Carson Heller and Logan Niesen

3rd Place
Amazing Mechatronics - James Gustafson and Jacob Kean
Code Analysis - Jack Nolden and Zach Thole
Fermi Questions - Jack Nolden and Zach Thole
Geocaching - Carson Heller and Gary Salmela
Geologic Mapping - Gary Salmela and Zach Thole

4th Place
Circuit Lab - James Gustafson and Gary Salmela
Designer Genes - Roxana Grunenwald and Elise Medenwald
Experimental Design - Emma Anson, Hansi Bartle, and Elise Medenwald
Protein Modeling - Roxana Grunenwald, James Gustafson, and Gary Salmela
Ornithology (trial event) - Emma Anson and Gianna Diaz
Aerodynamic Challenge (trial event) - Dray Kieler and Michael Walker

5th Place
Disease Detectives - Emma Anson and Emma Veeneman
Dynamic Planet - Emma Anson and Emma Veeneman

Friday, March 1, 2019

Second Place at State Life Smarts

On Friday, March 1, five Belleville High School students attended the Life Smarts state competition. The competition was held at Edgewood College and pitted six qualifying Wisconsin schools against each other in a jeopardy-style format. At the conclusion, Isaac Brummel, Connor DeLorme, Sydney Gentilli, Mili Julian, and Caden O’Rourke placed 2nd in the state, earning a $500 scholarship to a college or university of their choice. Great job, Wildcats!

Middle School Students-of-the-Month

On Friday, March 1, Belleville Middle School core teachers, along with their Agriculture, German and Spanish teachers, recognized Students-of-the-Month for March. The ceremony was held in the auditorium at lunch. Students received a certificate and Catty Shack (school store) buck. Nominees then had the opportunity to put their handprints up in the Middle School Commons. Congratulations to these Wildcats!
Front Row (L-R): Ryan Schubert, Nicholas Wescott, Aiden Campbell, Hayden Boyce, Yisel Balderas-Perez
Back Row (L-R): Davis Richter, Taylor Derke, Bo Zantow, Brady Durni, Herioli Fraire, Kendyl Gastel, Taylor Morgan, Skyler Beyer

Results from the Solo & Ensemble Festival

Belleville Bands
Class A First Rating:
  1. Heidi Wegehaupt - flute solo
  2. Saxophone Choir - Alan Woller, Hunter Lindstrom, Christian Hakala, Cole Monroe, Matthew Loshaw, Gina Salmela, and Josh Bowers
Class A Second Rating:
JAZZ ENSEMBLE: Alan Woller, Hunter Lindstrom, Roxana Grunewald, Gina Salmela, Matthew Loshaw, Josh Bowers, Gary Salmela, Kori Rogers, Miles Fahey, Carol Rankin, Jordan Wilder, Mason Schwoegler, Andy Lloyd, Lauren Bartels, Maddie Saeger, Rachael Heittola, Andrew Remy, Jacob Kean, Heidi Wegehaupt, Emma Veeneman, Amanda Lettman, Gianna Diaz, Tyler Beyer, Hansi Bartle, Tayler Yapp, Mili Julian, Jenna Shrader, Katie Bowers, and Jordyn Thomas

Class B First Rating:
FLUTE CHOIR: Mili Julian, Heidi Wegehaupt, Hansi Bartle, Regyn Jelle, Jenna Shrader, and Ellie Gentilli

Class B Second Rating:
  1. Christian Hakala - alto solo
  2. Jordyn Thomas - oboe solo
Class C First Rating:
  1. Andy Lloyd - trombone solo
  2. Averi Boyum - flute solo

Belleville Choirs
Class A Starred First Rating:
  1. Anna Nolden - Music Theater
  2. Mikaela Steckelis - solo
  3. Miles Fahey - solo
  4. Mili Julian - Music Theater
  5. Miles Fahey & Mikaela Steckelis - duet
  6. Erin Przybyl - Music Theater
  7. Peyton Morgan & Mili Julian - duet
  8. Jenna Blask - Music Theater
  9. Mili Julian - solo
  10. Jacob Kean - solo
  11. Rachel Markhardt - Music Theater
  12. Gianna Diaz - Music Theater
  13. Peyton Morgan - solo

Class A First Rating:
  1. Miles Fahey - Music Theater
  2. Jenna Blask & Mya Enerson - duet
  3. Gianna Diaz - solo
  4. Mixed Vocal Jazz - Mili Julian, Mikaela Steckelis, Rachael Heittola, Peyton Morgan, Erin Przybyl, Jenna Blask, Alexandra Steckelis, Anna Nolden, Emily Flick, Jade Halvensleben, Caitlin Johnson, Lexi Walker, Abby Winterburn, Cierra Hayes, Connor DeLorme, Hunter Lindstrom, Miles Fahey, Alex Grignano, Jaxson Pier, Gary Salmela, Jacob Kean, Dylan Gratz, Alan Woller, and Andrew Remy
  5. Erin Przybyl & Alexandra Steckelis - duet
  6. Triple Trio - Lexi Walker, Anna Nolden, Caitlin Johnson, Jenna Blask, Emily Flick, Jade Halvensleben, Mili Julian, Erin Przybyl, and Mikaela Steckelis
  7. Rachel Markhardt - solo
  8. Alexandra Steckelis - solo
  9. Erin Przybyl & Alexandra Steckelis - duet
  10. Peyton Morgan - Music Theater
  11. Erin Przybyl - solo
  12. Mikaela Steckelis - Music Theater
  13. Jenna McKnight - solo
  14. Holly Flick - solo