Tuesday, April 16, 2019

State Forensics Results

Congratulations to Mrs. Alsteens, Mrs. Jenkins, and this year's Belleville High School Wildcat Forensics team! They performed spectacularly at April 12th's state meet on the UW-Madison campus.

Seven different Wildcats received perfect scores (25 out of 25) for their performances. These gold medalists include Emily Flick, Rylee Hubbard, Grace Jaramillo-Hoffman, Mason Schwoegler, Anna Nolden, Gary Salmela, and Abby Winterburn.

Nine more Wildcats received scores between 23-24 out of 25 and received silver medals. This group includes Jenna Blask, Mya Enerson, Miles Fahey, Mili Julian, Mitchell Mussehl, Claire Patrow, Andrew Remy, Karena Simmons, and Jordyn Thomas. 

All our Wildcat Forensics students scored 20 points or higher this year, with another nine students receiving bronze medals. What a way to end a successful season!