Friday, April 26, 2019

Next Year's Youth Apprentices

Today (Friday, April 26), four (Max Bourquin, Edwin Erksine, Tyler Fahey, and Mitchell Mussehl) of seven students accepted into the Youth Apprenticeship Program for the next school year spent the afternoon at the Dane County School Consortium in Monona to attend a workshop entitled, "Getting the Apprenticeship." The workshop was lead by DCSC Director Josh Fassl who taught students career essentials such as:
  • Career preparation.
  • How to build skills for the career they are seeking.
  • Best practices for completion of job applications.
  • Preparation of a resume.
  • Writing a cover letter.
  • Asking for an interview.
  • Techniques for the interview and its follow-up.
As our new participants work with Mrs. Gartley, STC Coordinator, to secure paid positions, the information covered will improve the students' chances of being hired and starting their apprenticeship. [Submitted by Mrs. Gartley]