Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Mock Crash

On Wednesday, May 1, Belleville High School students experienced a mock crash to conclude the day. BHS, working in conjunction with the Belleville EMS, Fire, and Police departments, organized the event leading up to Saturday's Prom dance. The Mock Crash is held every three years so that high school students consider the consequences of their choices, including driving under the influence or distracted driving. For 2019, student actors Miles Fahey, Mili Julian, Jacob Kean, Anna Nolden, and Mikaela Steckelis played roles in the crash and also helped to write the script. Staff member Cindy Halvensleben played the mother part. Thanks to Patrick McDonnell from the Belleville EMS in taking the lead role to organize this year's event.
Now, let's have a safe Prom and graduation season!