Sunday, July 9, 2017

Belleville Students Far Outperform National Advanced Placement Scores

The College Board released its Advanced Placement scores for Wisconsin on Thursday, July 6. Belleville High School’s 2017 scores from May were the second highest in school history, with 78.18% of tests taken reaching the qualified (passing) level or above. In 2011, 82.18% of BHS students passed their AP exams with a score of 3 or higher. However, 147 AP exams were taken by Belleville students in 2017, compared to just 52 in 2011. The 147 AP exams taken ties another school mark set in 2016.

The 78.18% passing rate of Bellville students on this year’s Advanced Placement exams outdistanced the national average of 55.36% by over 22 percentage points. Belleville students averaged 3.2237 on their AP exams.  

The College Board reports Advanced Placement scores on a 5-point scale. A “5” is considered extremely well qualified, a “4” is well qualified, a “3” is qualified, and a “2” is possibly qualified.  The College Board gives no recommendation with a score of “1.” According to the College Board website, students scoring a “3” or above have proven themselves capable of completing introductory-level coursework in a specific subject at the college-level. Most colleges and universities award their own credit to students with AP scores of “3,” “4,” or “5.”

Belleville High School offers 10 Advanced Placement courses, including Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Environmental Science, English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, Physics, Psychology, United States Government & Politics, and United States History.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Awards Programs

On Friday, June 2, both the Middle and High Schools held their annual awards programs to end the school year. The middle school recognized students on the honor roll and with outstanding attendance. The staff also awarded Excellence Awards and Most Improved Awards. Congratulations to:
7th Grade Excellence Awards
Ava Foley
Haven Hatleberg
7th grade Most Improved Awards
Catherine Booth
Kenna Edge
8th Grade Excellence Awards
Jenna Banfield
Josephine Latorre
8th Grade Most Improved Award
Tyler Fahey 
Logan Niesen

At the high school awards program, seniors received 66 scholarships worth more than $41,000. Thank you to all of our local organizations and community members who donated to support our graduates in pursuing their post-secondary education!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Eighth Grade Service Learning

Today at Gibbs Lake Park, our 8th grade students assisted in service learning projects. They took down old trail signs, pulled garlic mustard, picked up trash, groomed trails, and stained equestrian obstacles. These hours could be their first on their way to earning a high school Wildcat Service Cord!

"Putting it all together" in Health 9

Mrs. Tretow's Health 9 students welcomed Dr. Angelie Singh, a resident at UW Family Medicine, into their class today. This year, they have discussed how their choices impact their health. Dr. Singh talked with the students and was able to show the students the impact their choices have on their organs. She had examples of a smoker's lung, liver, heart, and brain, as well as a spleen and spinal cord. This lesson was the culmination of many of the class's discussions this year.

Culinary Arts Showcase

Aspiring Chefs:
Culinary Artists completed their Final Showcase Project on Tuesday, May 30. Students planned a brunch menu and designed a marketing tool and production sheets to keep them on task during preparation. Students met with two judges (a staff member and another student) who scored aspects of the project. Thanks to staff judges Mrs. Alsteens, Mr. Bussey, Mr. Cryderman, Mrs. Dettwiler, Mrs. Knudson, and Mrs. Schween, along with student judges Dylan Gratz, Cole Kleibor, and Kristen Lowery. [Submitted by Mrs. Gartley]

Friday, May 26, 2017

Middle School Students-of-the-Month

With the end of the school year just one week away, Belleville Middle School acknowledged its last round of students-of-the-month for May. This group included students that staff thought deserving that had yet to be nominated this year. We look forward to the 7th graders providing leadership as 8th graders next year and for the 8th graders to blossom as freshmen in the high school.
From left to right: Carol Rankin, Jenna Blask, Jeremy Matteson, Shylah Lietz, Raegan Harnish, Samantha Behr,  Jenna Duerst,  Logan Niesen, Berlyn Gobel, William Meyers, Tori Olson, Elise Mousseau, Drew Enloe, Michael Walker, Jacob Engstad, Cade Miller, J.J. Wenger, Kaitlynn Bowers, Cole Monroe, Hunter Lindstrom, Natalie Brown, Jackson Sies, Alexis Lamboley, and Aiden Lietz

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Red Nose Day

Students at Belleville Middle School celebrated Red Nose Day on Thursday, May 25th. This was in an effort to raise awareness and money to fight child poverty in the United States. Seventh and eighth graders raised about $150 for the cause and had a fun time at lunch today with their noses!

Little Free Libraries

As part of the Middle and High School's School Improvement Goals this year, we combined our academic goal to improve literacy with a community outreach goal. This came to fruition today when several student-designed and student-built Little Free Libraries went up around the village. Mr. Neumann's Trades classes were involved in the construction, while the National Honor Society supported a book drive to help fill them. We hope that they are put to good use! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jazz in the Park

Despite less than ideal weather, Jazz in the Park went on as scheduled Wednesday night (5-24). The Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz played and sang in Library Park for nearly an hour and a half. Even though they played in overcast, windy conditions with temperatures in the fifties, the students heated up the venue with their performance. Thank you to the Music Boosters for running the concessions at the event!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Rotary Ethics Symposium

The Rotary Ethics group led a symposium today at Belleville High School. The morning started out with two skits to prepare students for the day. Then, within 10 student groups, junior and senior student leaders who had received training from the Rotary led others through three rounds of ethical dilemmas. The Rotary teaches students to:
R: Recognize an ethical issue.
O: Obtain information about the situation.
T: Test alternative actions from various predictions.
A: Act consistently with your best judgement.
R: Reflect on decision after you act.
Y: Yield to your ethical judgements.
This is all in an effort to ultimately get students to make decisions based on the Golden Rule.