Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Strides for Africa

Chris Jimieson presented to Belleville Middle School 7th graders this morning (10-18) in the auditorium. Chris is from an organization called Strides for Africa and has previously worked with school districts such as McFarland in Southern Wisconsin.

Chris was brought in by English-Language Arts teacher Elizabeth Miller. Mrs. Miller's 7th grade ELA classes are reading Linda Sue Park's book, A Long Walk to Waterthe story of the "Lost Boys" of Sudan during the Sudanese Civil War. The novel spotlights the current water crisis in Africa.

Chris, Mrs. Miller, and her 7th graders, along with the 7th grade Social Studies teachers, are all working together to try to fund a well in Liberia, the cost of which is about $2,500. Chris demonstrated the need for clean water sources in African villages in his presentation this morning.

We hope this project provides our students a global perspective and how they can impact the lives of others.