Friday, May 26, 2017

Middle School Students-of-the-Month

With the end of the school year just one week away, Belleville Middle School acknowledged its last round of students-of-the-month for May. This group included students that staff thought deserving that had yet to be nominated this year. We look forward to the 7th graders providing leadership as 8th graders next year and for the 8th graders to blossom as freshmen in the high school.
From left to right: Carol Rankin, Jenna Blask, Jeremy Matteson, Shylah Lietz, Raegan Harnish, Samantha Behr,  Jenna Duerst,  Logan Niesen, Berlyn Gobel, William Meyers, Tori Olson, Elise Mousseau, Drew Enloe, Michael Walker, Jacob Engstad, Cade Miller, J.J. Wenger, Kaitlynn Bowers, Cole Monroe, Hunter Lindstrom, Natalie Brown, Jackson Sies, Alexis Lamboley, and Aiden Lietz