Sunday, December 2, 2018

Results from Science Olympiad (Boyceville)

With 65 total teams from 35 schools traveling from three states, the Belleville High School Science Olympiad teams performed fantastically at this weekend's invitational at Boyceville. Congratulations to the 30 Wildcat students who took home 28 medals in 22 different events!

1st Place:
Gianna Diaz, Jacob Kean, and Jack Nolden - Code Busters
Jack Nolden and Gary Salmela - Geocaching
Gary Salmela and Zach Thole - GeoLogic Map

2nd Place:
Tyler Beyer and Christian Hakala - Amazing Mechatronics
Jack Nolden and Zach Thole - Code Analysis
Emma Anson and Emma Veeneman - Disease Detectives
Carson Heller and Gina Salmela - Mission Possible
Roxana Grunenwald, James Gustafson, Gary Salmela - Protein Modeling

3rd Place:
Hansi Bartle and Logan Niesen - Boomilever
Josh Bowers and Gary Salmela - Circuit Lab
Emma Anson and Emma Veeneman - Dynamic Planet
Emma Anson, Hansi Bartle, Elise Medenwald - Experimental Design
Cody Koeppel and William Meyers - Herpetology
Josh and Katie Bowers - Tree of Life

4th Place:
James Gustafson and Jacob Kean - Amazing Mechatronics
Emma Anson and Gianna Diaz - Fossils
Katie Bowers and Gianna Diaz - Herpetology
Jack Nolden and Gary Salmela - Thermodynamics
Cole Monroe and Mason Schwoegler - Sounds of Music
Roxana Grunenwald and Elise Medenwald - Write It, Do It

5th Place:
Drayton Kieler and Michael Walker - Aeronautical Challenge
James Gustafson and Logan Niesen - Aerial Scramble

6th Place:
Julian Fullbright and Matthew Loshaw - Aerial Scramble
Sydney Gentilli and Jacob Kean - Astronomy
Angelina Parisot and Alexandra Steckelis - Disease Detectives
Hansi Bartle and Logan Niesen - Mission Possible
Cody Koeppel and Andy Lloyd - Tree of Life
William Meyers and Tyler Stampfl - Wright Stuff