Monday, February 5, 2018

Science Olympiad at Madison Edgewood

On Saturday, February 3, the Belleville High School Science Olympiad team took 2nd place overall out of 22 teams at Edgewood High School. Madison West was the only team to beat Belleville.

Medalists on Saturday included:
1st Place: Mission Possible - Logan Niesen and Noah Niesen
1st Place: Picture This - Gianna Diaz, Julia McNamar, and Noah Niesen
1st Place: Write It Do It - Roxana Grunenwald and Emma Veeneman

2nd Place: Chemistry Lab - Otto Anson and Riley Medenwald
2nd Place: Dynamic Planet - Emma Anson and Emma Veeneman
2nd Place: Electric Wright Stuff - Julia McNamar and Logan Niesen
2nd Place: Forensics - Katie Bowers and Skylar Butenhoff
2nd Place: Rocks and Minerals - Gianna Diaz and Gary Salmela

3rd Place: Electric Wright Stuff - Cody Koeppel and William Meyers
3rd Place: Mousetrap Vehicle - Logan Niesen and Noah Niesen
3rd Place: Picture This - Tyler Beyer, Josh Bowers, and Ryan Posthuma
3rd Place: Protein Modeling - Roxana Grunenwald and Gary Salmela
3rd Place: WiFi Lab - Tyler Beyer and Jacob Kean

4th Place: Mousetrap Vehicle - Bryson Jelle
4th Place: Optics - Jack Nolden and Connor Theis
4th Place: Sustainable Energy - Emma Anson and Otto Anson
4th Place: Thermodynamics - Otto Anson and Jack Nolden

5th Place: Electric Wright Stuff - Josh Bowers
5th Place: Towers - Hansi Bartle and Julia McNamar
5th Place: WiFi Lab - Hansi Bartle and Gianna Diaz

It was a great day to be a Wildcat!