Thursday, February 4, 2016

Animal Science Field Trip

Today (2/4), the Animal Science class went on a field trip to ABS Global in DeForest and the UW-Research farm in Arlington.  At ABS, students saw the "behind the scenes" procedures involved with collecting samples for artificial insemination.  They witnessed the laboratories where the semen is processed and learned about the value of genetics and the types of research done within the dairy and beef industries. They also toured the barns and learned the process of selecting desirable bulls and the procedure involved with confirming that their genetics have hit high enough standards to be sold to clients around the world.  We then went down the road to the UW Research Farm's swine and sheep facilities. Students learned about biosecurity and the advancements in technology & research done on the swine there, such as heart stents and even dental studies! Lastly, at the sheep farm they observed some ewes with their January lambs. The farm manager discussed the uniqueness of raising sheep, what traits make up a desirable ewe, and the processes of lambing, weaning, and shearing. It was a fun trip and connected well to our current unit focused on reproduction. [Submitted by Mrs. Knudson]